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While Everett Soares, the creator of Sky Pirates of Valendor, has been working on this concept for over 2 years, it truly did not come to life until he met Brian Brinlee, current penciler for the project. In December of 2006, the 2 were introduced. They started working on concept sketches and before they knew it, Everett’s words came to life on 11 x 17 artboards.

Four months and 8 pages later, they stumbled upon the chance of a lifetime, Small Press Idol. SPI is an American Idol-like competition for aspiring artists and creators. Everett entered the competition with work that he and Brian had done so far. What occurred over the following year was beyond any of their expectations! And joining them on the journey was Michael W. Kellar as inker and Jet Amago as colorist/toner.

Sky Pirates of Valendor finished in 2nd Place in Small Press Idol, ultimately selling over 400 copies of the Issue #0 that Dimestore Productions published as a result of the competition. Shortly after the end of the competition, Free Lunch Comics extended an offer to publish Sky Pirates of Valendor.

Now fans have the opportunity to share in the joy and excitement of Sky Pirates of Valendor. Everett, Brian and Michael travel throughout their areas promoting Sky Pirates. They are all very proud of their accomplishments and look forward to the future of Sky Pirates and their careers in the comic book industry.

Everett and Brian would like to welcome the newest members to the Sky Pirates team – Alex Rivera and Keith Murphey. Both of these gentlemen are working hard to bring the 5-issue miniseries to a cataclysmic close.

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Everett Soares

Brian Brinlee

Alex Rivera

Co-Inker Issue 5
Keith Murphey
Co-Inker Issue 5
Michael W. Kellar Inker Issues 0-4
Jet Amago