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Sky Pirates of Valendor is being published by Free Lunch Comics in a 5-issue miniseries. Here is your chance to own your very own copy of this exciting series. Each issue you purchase will be delivered to your home or office in a padded envelope and will be autographed by the creator Everett Soares. Don’t miss out – order today!

Sky Pirates of Valendor Issue #1

When Governor Langford discovers one of his employees has been kidnapped and spirited away to a place beyond his reach, all seems to be lost. However, even when the odds are piled up against him, Langford quickly learns the best man for the worst job is a pirate. Soon Tobin Manheim is hired to discover nothing is easy in Valendor.

Grab your cutlass, load up your pistol, and make your mark on the line to become part of the crew of Sky Pirates.

Sky Pirates of Valendor Issue #2

Tobin knows nothing in a pirate’s life is easy. Since he started his most recent job, he’s forced to work with his ex-wife Gearz. But that isn’t necessarily the worst news. He’s also forced to confront the numerous cut-throats on the island of Croix, and on top of everything else, Tobin needs to pay a past debt to the pirate queen herself. Can’t a pirate catch a break somewhere?

Feel the wind on your face as you sail into high adventure aboard the Rogue’s Revenge with the Sky Pirates of Valendor.

Sky Pirates of Valendor Issue #3

A gunshot wound can only hurt so much. Even a sword’s slash will fade with time. However Captain Tobin Manheim finds out that some wounds just cut too deep. He and his crew are forced to face the consequences of those wounds as they continue their latest assignment.

Now load up your guns, sharpen your swords and get ready to repel borders in the continuing tale of the crew aboard the Rogue’s Revenge.