A Review for Cocotec Conga Series 1090

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The Cocotec Conga Series 1090 is a modern vacuum cleaner that is used for scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming and sweeping the floor. The Cocotec conga 1090 is engineered with a powerful turbine and motorized rotary brush that makes it effective in thoroughly cleaning the dirt. It is helpful in maximizing suction. Its motorized brush can easily be removed to avoid tangles, making a perfect option for homeowners who rear pets. Additionally, this cleaner has a low noise level for silent cleaning.

Its Key Features

High Autonomy

It has a high autonomy of more than two hours. It can easily adapt to your home. Additionally, it can easily detect obstacles, making it effective for cleaning floors under the furniture. Its LCD screen can be controlled easily using a remote, thereby providing maximum comfort. Additionally, it is designed with two capacity-containers, dry and wet. It includes four side brushes that can reach every corner while cleaning. You can use it to achieve a bright, clean floor, free from hair and dirt.

Navigation iTech

This equipment comes with a smart navigation system thanks to its free-fall sensors, ultrasound, and proximity. It comes with five cleaning modes: spiral, back home, room, corners, and auto.

Programmable 24/7

It is designed with an auto charging base that returns automatically to its charging base after cleaning. This cleaner is suitable for different types of flooring and carpets. The Cocotec Conga Series 990 is designed with a HEPA filtration system that makes it effective in purifying air and getting rid of dirt.

Benefits of Using the Cocotec Conga Series 1090 Robotic Cleaner

Easy to Clean

Robotic cleaners are easy to use. The Cocotec Conga Series 1090 is programmable, and it can virtually run itself while cleaning. The equipment can be set up easily by placing on an appropriate starting point. This equipment has been refined to make it foolproof and self-regulating. This means that it can get stuck on the floor.

Setting Boundaries


pet dog on carpet

This cleaner can inherently perform in a given space once it is programmed. For instance, you can program it to set a virtue wall to prevent it from going across other openings and doorways. It is, therefore, a great option for parents living with children or homeowners who have pets. Limiting the machine’s scope will make sure that your pets or children are not frightened.

Small and Compact

The Cocotec Conga Series 1090 is compact, small and easy to store. It is a perfect option for homeowners who have limited storage space or who are planning to downsize their items. Again, it can be transported easily from one place to another.