Tips for Choosing the Right Portable Ice Maker

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Most people purchase ice cubes for cooling their bodies when they are outdoors. Purchasing a portable ice marker can help you in melting away precious cooling cubes, especially during the hot summer days. This machine is well-designed, and it can make cubes faster and easier. There are different models of ice makers, but they almost share identical features.  Reading the available reviews can help you in choosing the best ice maker. Outlined here below are the factors that can help you in choosing a compact, portable, and convenient ice maker:

Capacity and Size

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Portable ice makers are generally small-sized, but the amounts of ice they can store or produce vary greatly. Most manufacturers provide the capacity ratings and dimensions of their products in the product specs. It is, therefore, easy to determine the size and capacity needed when buying an ice making machine. These machines are compact, and they can sit on the countertops of your RV, boat or home kitchen.

Homeowners should double check the available space to avoid choosing machines that won’t fit. It is also imperative to check the machine weight. You should select a maker that you can comfortably carry. When it comes to the capacity of a machine, you should select one that can hold a lot of ice. Avoid buying a machine that is too small as it might not solve your problems.

Speed and Production Capacity

The machine chosen should be capable of making the ice cubes needed quickly. The pounds of ice produced on a daily basis should be determined. Individuals who prepare a lot of cubes per day are advised to choose machines with high production capacity. How long a machine takes to make an ice cube should be indicated in the machine’s specs.



In general, portable ice making machines are affordable. Some of these machines cost as slow as $ 100, but some of the high-capacity models cost about $ 250. If possible, you should purchase an affordable maker that lasts for long. If used heavily, some of the cheap models are likely to develop some issues within the first year. The production capacity also determines  their overall price. High capacity models are costly, but they are durable. In addition to this, ice makers that come with advanced features like easy-t-to-use- controls are expensive.

Ease of Use

Most of the modern machines are well-designed, making them easy to use. They come with intuitive controls, simple installation requirements, and basic instructions. They also come with intelligent water use filters that make them useful in re-freezing water while making ice cubes. This has significantly reduced the time spent in draining the ice and re-filing the ice makers.